Our service


Mambretti Metalli has acquired a deep knowledge of its target sectors (non-ferrous metals foundries, metallurgical industries, mechanical workshops, automotive and agriculture) so as to provide consulting and support services on the more suitable products to different customer requirements.

Customers do not know all the products Mambretti Metalli range but can rely on the advice of Mambretti commercial network to be supported in their choice. Mambretti's qualified staff provides professional consulting services, carried out by specialized technical personnel.


Mambretti Metalli  guarantees timely and efficient service even after the sale. The Customer is supported by qualified personnel in the correct use of the products purchased. All  products sold by Mambretti Metalli are certified and guaranteed according to current regulations


One of the major strengths of Mambretti Metalli is the ability to meet its customers with timely deliveries in a very short time.

Mambretti has a large warehouse  with large stocks of different types of products. This makes it possible to ensure the order fulfilment in a very short time. Mambretti also verifies the efficiency of shipments so that the customer is always guaranteed a top quality service.