Mambretti Metalli quality

High quality products, health and safety, environment care

Focus on quality has always been the aim of Mambretti Metalli. Since over 20 years we developed the best solution for the foundry industry. Our commitment to assure quality matches with our efforts to increase performances of our customers.

QUALITY = efficiency at lower costs and defects reduction 
Our customers can obtain high quality castings at competitive prices.

QUALITY = continuous improvement of safety levels
Our customers can rely on last generation foundry equipment, reliable and safe.

QUALITY = reduction of environmental impact
We’re focused on development on more eco-friendly products and processes to help our customers to:

  • reduce/limit emissions in the foundry environment,
  • reduce energy consumption during melting,
  • reduce quantity of scraps,
  • improve work enviroment.

UNI EN ISO 9001:15 Quality Sistem

The quality system of MAMBRETTI METALLI srl has the following application fields:

Commercialization of products and metals for the foundry sector, maintenance of die casting machines and equipment. Design, production and commercialization of vacuum systems, auxiliary systems and accessories for the foundry and die-casting of metal alloys sector.

MAMBRETTI METALLI srl management has decided to adopt a UNI EN ISO 9001:15 Quality System, providing suitable resources to pursue as primary objective the fulfillment of all requirements relating to the service requested by the customer, in addition to the mandatory ones, in order to pursue the continuous improvement of the process quality and the satisfaction of all our customers.