About Us

Italian based, Mambretti Metalli, leads the world in the supply of technical products, consumables, and accessories used in die casting, shell mold casting, sand casting, and more by non-ferrous metal foundries.

  • It is a national distributor of machines for smelting plants,
  • Distributor of FUCHS lubricants used by various industries including agriculture, large machinery, water transportation, automobiles and motorcycles,
  • Specialized in obtaining, reconditioning, and selling used machinery for foundries.

Founded in 1993, Mambretti Metalli is known for its innovative solutions and installation consultations for metal foundries. Its clientele includes foundries, the metal industry, machine shops, and the automotive industry. Mambretti Metalli’s extensive knowledge and technical consultations promise to satisfy customer needs ensuring product quality and price competitiveness.

Mambretti distinguishes itself from other competitors by:

  • the speed in which it supplies products – thanks to the large availability of products in its warehouse,
  • the professional assistance it provides, allowing clientele to make the best choice for their individual requirements before purchase,
  • providing continual assistance after the sale to ensure customer satisfaction and the quality of the products.